iFuge L400P

iFuge L400P is a device which offers powerful, efficient performance with years of durability. The sheer versatility of the device due to a wide range of rotor options make it extremely useful across a range of requirements. Moreover, the device can also be programmed easily to match the unique needs of the user with its user-friendly interface. Also, the brushless DC motor present in the device is dust-free and guarantees efficient performance without the need for constant maintenance.

Specifications iFuge L400P
Rotor Capacity max. 4 x 100 ml
Maximum Speed RPM / RCF (g) 4500 rpm / g varies as per rotor
Motor Type (BLDC) Brushless DC motor
Display Digital Display
Speed Setting 500 to 4500 RPM
Timer Setting 1 Min to 99 Mins & infinite mode
Lid Lock Safety Yes
Imbalance Detection Yes
Adjustable Ramp & Brake Yes (Selection from 1 to 9)
Weight 23 kg (without rotor)
Rotors (not included) Multiple rotor options (Swing & Fixed angle rotors)
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.



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