The EQUITRON Laboratory Oil Baths are absolutely safe for laboratory usage even at higher temperatures. These Oil Baths are provided with multiple over temperature protection. The customized PID controller provides high accuracy & repeatability. These oil baths are offered in various sizes for flask size ranging from 1 -20 ltrs capacity.


  • EQUITRON Round Baths are ideal for all applications requiring, reliable and safe reactions, extraction’s, analysis and tests.
  • A clear bottom. A uniquely designed Bath. Ensures no heater burn out due to lack of water.
  • An absolute over-temperature alarm with auto cut off.
  • Double walled, internal and external chamber full stainless steel construction.
  • A floating overshoot alarm set 5°C above set point.
  • Absolute over temperature alarm – audio – with auto cut off.
  • End cycle visual indication with heater cut off.

EQUITRON Advantages:
Stainless Steel immersion heater – peripheral shape to eliminate direct contact with flask – even if flask touches the bottom. Digital Range: Ambient +10 to 250°C.

  • Double walled construction with efficient insulation system.
  • Bath chamber of stainless steel.
Model Round Flask
Bath size
Ø x deep in mm
Temperature Range
Oil – PO
Packing Dimensions (WxDxH) / Gr weight
#8481CBPO 1 L Ø 165 x 90 Ambient
+10°C to 300°C
440 x 400 x 330 mm / 6.8 kg
#8483CBPO 3 L Ø 230 x 130 440 x 400 x 330 mm / 8.8 kg
#8485CBPO 5 L Ø 260 x 150 550 x 460 x 370 mm / 11 kg
#8490CBPO 10 L Ø 350 x 200 610 x 500 x 410 mm / 17 kg
#8492CBPO 20 L Ø 450 x 300 770 x 640 x 490 mm / 25 kg



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