Benchtop Water Quality Meters

Stress-free measurement, high-end model
Water quality analysis is repeatedly performed in laboratories on a daily basis. Our high-end benchtop model was developed to provide simplicity with excellent on-site usability – from operation and maintenance through to troubleshooting.

Model LAQUA DS-72
Conductivity Range k=100 m-1:0.000 mS/m~19.99 S/m
k=10 m-1:0.0 μS/m~1.999 S/m
k=1000m-1:0.00 mS/m~199.9 S/m
Method 2 AC Bipolar
Resolution 0.05% of full scale
Repeatability ±0.5% ±1 digit
Selectable Unit Yes
Distilled Water Temperature Conversion Yes
Periodical Check Yes
JIS/CP/JP/USP/EP Pharmaceutical Water Application Yes
Salinity Range 0.00 to 80.00 ppt

(0.000 to 8.000%)

Method Conversion from conductivity
Resolution 0.01 ppt (0.001%)
Salt Concentration Calibration Yes
Resistivity Range k=100 m-1:0.00 Ω・m~199.9 kΩ・m
k=10 m-1:0.0 Ω・m~1.999 MΩ・m
k= 1000 m-1:0.000 Ω・m~19.99 kΩ・m
Method Conversion from conductivity
Resolution 0.05% F.S.
Repeatability ±0.5%F.S. ±1 digit
TDS Range 0.01 mg/L to 1000 g/L
Method Conversion from conductivity
Resolution 0.01 mg/L
Temperature Range -30.0 to 130.0°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Repeatability ±0.1°C ±1 digit
Input BNC, phono
Output USB, RS232C, Analog
Data Memory 2000
Data Search Yes
ID Input Yes
Display Touch Screen Color LCD
Languages English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean
Navigation Function Yes
Temperature Compensation Auto / Manual
Auto-HoldSetting Yes
Password Setting Yes
Software Upgrade Function Yes
Operating Temperature 0 to 45°C
Power Requirement AC adptor, 100-240V 50/60Hz
Dimensions 170(W) x 174(D) x 73(H) mm
Weight 700g



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