iStir 200L

From our range of class-leading magnetic stirrers, the iStir 200L is a high capacity stirrer designed to thoroughly mix upto 200 litres of solutions without breaking a sweat. It’s high-quality components such as the brushless dc motor and microprocessor control ensures powerful and efficient performance to deliver exceptional

Specifications i Stir 200L
Motor Type Brushless DC (BLDC)
Max. Capacity 200 litres
Variable Speed 100 – 600 RPM
Run Time 1-99:59 mins & infinite
Ramp up Speed User can select different Acceleration rates (A1-A9 with A9 being the fastest rate and A1 slowest)
Pulse Mode Yes. Alternating clockwise and anticlockwise motion with 3 sec stop for better and thorough mixing.
Digital Display Yes
Accuracy ± 10 RPM
Plate Dimensions (SS) 250 x 250 mm
Input Voltage 240 V
Max. Stir bar length 120 mm
Protection class IP 21
Structure frame size (With adjustable height) 505 x 500 x 105 mm
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.



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