iRupt Jr

With insights gleaned from years of research and user feedback, iRupt Jr. has been designed from scratch with centric designs and high quality raw material.  Having passed stringent quality checks at multiple levels, there is no aspect of iRupt Jr. which is less than perfect. For uncompromised performance and years of durability, it comes with an exceptional motor. It is the ideal homogenizer for extraction from samples like bacteria/yeast cells, plant tissues, animal tissues etc.

Specifications i Rupt Jr.
Capacity 3 X 2 ml
Speed Range 2800 to 4000 RPM
Run Time 3 second to 180 second
Pulse mode On/off timer 3 second to 99 second
Operating Condition 4°C to 45°C
Weight 2.8 kgs
Dimensions (W x D x H) 235 x 158 x 140 mm
Power Supply 115 / 230 VAC – 60 / 50Hz
Power Consumption 24 W
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.



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