iRoll DR16

Our R&D department came up with the iRoll DR16 Blood Tube Rotator after various insights gleaned from extensive research into user requirements and feedback. Its powerful AC synchronous motor provides immense power and efficient noiseless operation for a superior user experience. Moreover, because of its lightweight and compact design, iRoll DR16 is highly portable and suitable for laboratory applications with a limited space.

Specifications iRoll DR16
Capacity 16 Tubes (12 Blood Collection Tubes + 4 ESR Tubes)
Motor Type AC Synchronous
Speed Fix Speed of 30 RPM
Run Time Continuous / Infinite
Speed Accuracy +/- 2 RPM
Angle of Disc Plate Fix angle of 38°
Noise Level Noiseless Operation
Weight (Capacity) 1.5 kg
Dimension 278 x 252 x 183 mm
Protection class IP 21
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.



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