iFuge HCT

Neuation’s iFuge HCT comes with top-of-the-line components for unmatched user experience. Its class-leading compact design, when combined with its brushless DC motor, makes for a device which is impressively powerful compared to its footprint. Hence, more output with less space. This makes iFuge HCT the perfect device for a lab with limited space and resources.

Specifications iFuge HCT
Rotor Capacity 24 x 40 / 75 mm length capillary tubes
Max RPM / RCF 12000 RPM / 14119g
Motor Type Brushless DC
Display Digital display
Speed Setting 500-12000 RPM in steps of 100RPM
Timer Setting Upto 12 mins
Preset Feature User can set parameters beforehand to facilitate use
Rotor HCT rotor with Screw on Lid (for better contamination protection)
Weight of Equipment 5 kg (without Rotor)
Dimension ( LxWxH) 363 x 301 x 105 mm
OEM request can be entertained. Specifications can be changed without notice for quality improvement.



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